What other new runners are saying about Beginner's luck...

"Eight weeks ago I was a 55 year old man weighing 97kg who couldn't run for 50 metres. I now weight a little under 90kg, can run for nearly an hour and no part of my body has yet collapsed" - Jules Holden

"Just what you need to get started. Easy to follow and great advice. I love the Golden Key :). Super Book" - Mac1

"A well worth read. I was a non runner and it gives great motivation. I'm currently on week 7 and can't wait to be able to run non stop for an hour" - Rosemary Cosgrove

"The book explains everything you need to know and give links to other stuff too. Although there is a 10 week plan, it is just a guide and provides a good structure for a beginner like me. Thanks to some basic fitness, I started with 5 minutes slow jog intervals. Thanks to the "Golden Key" I managed it easily and amazed myself. It has taken longer than 10 weeks, due to other commitments, but yesterday I completed 60 minutes non-stop jogging! If you'd have told me that in Feb this year I would never have believed it - George makes the seemingly impossible, possible" - Jenni

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